Referee Profile - Andy Grant

Date of Birth – 30/01/60
Height –
Weight –
Profession – Factory Worker


What made you become a referee?

Injury when I was 26.


Highlights so far?

Honestly too many to mention.


What do you enjoy about refereeing?

The craic amongst the boys, the lessons you learn about yourself and just enjoying my games.


What was your first game?

5-a-sides down in Kingussie with Mr Kidd and also my first game with Mr Bissett.


Your refereeing ambitions?

At my age none really. I would have liked to have done the Highland League line, but it was not to be.


What was your most memorable game?

Too many but all the cup finals I have done in the middle.


What are your other hobbies & pastimes?

I love golf and Boxing, but mostly Golf now.


Any pet hates in football?

Yes have to say it ALL THE PUNTERS who think they can do a better job than you, but when you indicate for them to take over they suddenly become very quiet. I wonder why?


What is your favourite film?

Too many to mention.


What is your favourite drink?



What is your favourite band/singer?

Kings Of Leon, Bob Marley, Dire straits, The Police, Ub40, Snow Patrol etc.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a referee?

If you think you are good enough, Do it! Stick in and listen to your peers, but be your OWN man and stick by your decisions. The younger you do it the more chance you have of refereeing in the Premier League.