Referee Profile - Bobby Urquhart

Date of Birth – 22/12/59
Height –
Weight – 11st
Profession – Building Contractor/Ambulance Technician


What made you become a referee?

Got my arm twisted by current referees! Also wanted to keep involved in Football after playing and managing teams in the past.


Highlights so far?

All games are a highlight be it good or bad. Assisting at the Mecca of Highland Football…Clach Park was a nice one for a few reasons…..


What do you enjoy about refereeing?

Getting out and meeting up with other Referees(craik can be good) also the teams and coaches. Youth Development can be good also as you will see some stars of the future(hopefully).


What was your first game?

Clach u19 v British Legion.


Your refereeing ambitions?

To keep enjoying it and see how far it takes me.


What was your most memorable game so far?

Merkinch v Pheonix (enough said!!)


What are your other hobbies & pastimes?

Spending time with my Wife and two Daughters, playing Football, Badminton and Darts.


What is your favourite film?



What is your favourite drink?

Stella and Malt Whiskies(any kind).


What is your favourite band/singer?

Bon Scott ex AC/DC.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a referee?

Go for it, you never know you might enjoy it!! Don’t just talk a good game put it in to action! Oh and be a bit thick skinned!!