Referee Profile - Colin Whyte

Date of Birth – 11/06/91
Height –
Weight –
Profession – Student/Part-time sales assistant


What made you become a referee?

Always been interested when I was 14 and when I hit 16 (Youngest age you can start) I just decided to go for it and best decision I’ve made.


Highlights so far?

Making new friends, being a part of some very competitive games and just simply refereeing.


What do you enjoy about refereeing?

Meeting other referees, keeping fit, sharing a pitch with talented players and exploring Scotland travelling to games.


What was your first game?

Culloden Academy U17’s Vs Charleston Academy U17’s.


Your refereeing ambitions?

To Have at least Refereed in UEFA but would love to Referee in at least one World Cup.


What was your most memorable game so far?

So far, Assistant for Friendly between Inverness CT FC Vs Elgin City FC.


What are your other hobbies & pastimes?

Keeping Fit and Playing Football.


What is your favourite film?



What is your favourite drink?

Not Really Fussed.


What is your favourite band/singer?

The Killers, Editors, Coldplay.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a referee?

Don’t think about it just do it, I started when I was 16 and have really enjoyed meeting and making new friends, feeling part of a team and Refereeing games. It doesn’t matter what age you start at, the benefits which you can get from refereeing are fantastic. Just contact your local Referee Association and who knows where it will take you and the great people who you will meet.