Referee Profile - Graham John

Date of Birth – 11/01/70
Height –
Weight –
Profession – Foreman for Highland Council in Caithness


What made you become a referee?

Loved playing football and wanted to put something back into the game.


Highlights so far?

Attending annual training camp and speaking with likes of High Dallas etc.


What do you enjoy about refereeing?

Making a difference, and being appreciated.


What was your first game?

Local derby Wick Groats v Wich Thistle.


Your refereeing ambitions?

To continue making the right decisions.


What was your most memorable game?

Last years Highland Amateur Cup Final.


What are your other hobbies & pastimes?

Can only be playing golf.


Any pet hates in football?



What is your favourite film?

Saving Private Ryan.


What is your favourite drink?

Vodka and Coke thanks very much.


What is your favourite band/singer?

All new romantic stuff, 80s great era.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a referee?

Take everything fired at you on the chin, and do the best job you could possibly can.