Referee Profile - Jim Lyon

Date of Birth – 06/07/69
Height –
Weight –
Profession – Head Teacher


What made you become a referee?

I was not good enough as a player. I played one season in a pub league as a sixteen year old and was not given a signing on form for the next season. I saw a small advert in the Dundee Courier about referee training restarting and I turned up to watch. Colin Sinclair ( Then Class 1 referee) encouraged me to join in and I’ve been refereeing ever since.


Highlights so far?

Senior Listed since 1993.
Scottish Cup Semi-Final – Inverness v Dundee 2002/03 season- Assistant Referee
Scottish Cup Final – Hearts v Gretna 2005/06 season- Assistant Referee
Over 180 Premier League Matches including 4 “Old Firm” matches
FIFA Assistant Referee for five seasons 2003-2008
40 European appointments including
Benfica v CSKA Moscow- Last 16 UEFA CUP 2005-06
N.Ireland v Germany, Czech Rep v Greece
Semi-Final UEFA U-19 Championship Finals 2003


What do you enjoy about refereeing?

Maintaining mental and physical fitness, working with a referee team, and seeing good play developing knowing that you are part of the game.


What was your first game?

Steakhouse B versus Marykirk in the Montrose and District Welfare League- 1986.


Your refereeing ambitions?

Have been very lucky to realise my ambitions and now wish to maintain enthusiasm and enjoyment and if I can help anyone else along the way that would be great.


What was your most memorable game?

Apart from Scottish Cup Final, Zenit St Petersburg v Sevilla in minus 15 temp and 1996 my first live tv match between St Johnstone and Partick Thistle.


What are your other hobbies & pastimes?

Play badminton against the Jannie at school.


Any pet hates in football?

When players use the derisory term, “Hey You!”


What is your favourite film?

Any Comedy film: can’t beat the old Monty Python films of Holy Grail and life of Brian. “Stir Crazy” with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor is hilarious.


What is your favourite drink?

Since moving up to Highlands , I do enjoy a whisky ; Isle of Skye. More often than not I’m on coke and the occasional rose wine at meal times.


What is your favourite band/singer?

Billy Joel.


What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a referee?

Very rewarding if you are committed to it, work hard and listen to advice from your refereeing community. Try to develop a culture of self improvement and confidence to pick yourself up when you’ve had a bad game.