Laws of the Game 2020/21

Given the challenges around the world at this time and uncertainty regarding income and future budgets – plus the fact the world continues to move towards using less paper and the fact that the Laws of the Game (LOTG) are now available on an “app” via IFAB ( – the Scottish FA will no longer supply printed versions of the Laws of the Game to every referee and observer. The cost of these books multiplied across the country comes to thousands of pounds.

Laws of the Game 2020/21

The “app” is excellent and is easy to use and navigate, and I would encourage ALL referees and observers at ALL levels to have a copy on their mobile device / smart phone.

As the “app” does not work on some older versions of the i-phone or android operating systems, there may be a small number of referees / observers with older phones that will require a paper version of the LOTG. Additionally, a small number may need a paper copy for other specific reasons (for example specific health reasons).

Therefore we have ordered a small supply (probably due by end May) and will hold these centrally (when we ever get back in to Hampden).

Referees / Observers / Coaches can specifically request these from us, via the<>; email address, stating the reason they need a paper copy, and we will post them to the referee / observer.

We will be putting this message on the extranet next week.

We understand new referees like to have something tangible to take from a new entrant class, however again we would encourage new referees to bring a tablet / i-pad or mobile phone to referee classes and utilise these in the class. However, again, if new referees specifically would like a copy of the LOTG these can be ordered.

We also understand that as we change things, there will undoubtedly be those of us that think we are reducing standards or not doing things the way we always have. Sadly, it is a fact that this change in approach can help save money in one area of our operation and hopefully free up some budget in other areas for referee development and training.

Best wishes.
Crawford Allan
Head of Referee Operations

Referee training resumes on Wednesday 2nd July for all Senior Listed Officials and SHFL Assistant Referees. Recorded attendance at training for the required 70% attendance for these officials will commence from that week.
Can all members ensure that you respond promptly to match appointments to the relevant League Secretaries and also advise the relevant League Secretaries of any dates that your are unavailable.